Why choose us

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  • Accelerated Delivery

    KoloDev use open and proprietary accelerators to rapidly prototype and deliver solutions.

  • Dedicated Team

    Our teams are some of the highest performing software delivery professionals in the industry.

  • Quality First

    Our delivery methods ensure architectural purity, concise code and performant stable software.

Technologies we use


Open source delivery acceleration

KoloDev provide to the GDS development community and our clients open source delivery accelerators.
Our accelerators include best of breed approaches, code execution and will help deliver projects faster.

KoloDev QA accelerator
Packaged library for full GDS browser list testing
Stable, reliable testing framework open to the GDS community.
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KoloDev user interface accelerator
Packaged library for full GDS user interface development
Reduced development time and open to the GDS community.
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